Sky Bed Bug Free - SBBF
Sky Bed Bug Free - SBBF
Sky Bed Bug Free - SBBF
Sky Bed Bug Free - SBBF
Sky Bed Bug Free - SBBF
Sky Bed Bug Free - SBBF
Sky Bed Bug Free - SBBF
Sky Bed Bug Free - SBBF

Sky Bed Bug Free - SBBF

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Sky Bed Bug Free (SBBF) takes insect free hammock camping to a whole new level. Sky Bed Bug Free is the world's first truly FLAT gathered end hammock complete with built in bug protection. Using an innovative and fully patented asymmetric design, the SBBF provides an amazingly flat and comfortable relaxation space. A silver sleeve of nylon parachute material defines the bed like sleeping space. The sleeve accommodates most any standard size 183 cm x 51 cm / 72” x 20” inflatable pad. Using your inflatable pad in the Sky Bed Bug Free provides thermal protection and helps to create the stunningly flat sleeping surface. The attached no-see-um mesh has 2100 holes per square inch and will keep out even the smallest insects. The mesh pattern is structurally designed to resist snags and tears. Each side of the netting has 250 cm / 100” of cord and two yellow attachment loops to makes it a cinch to keep your netting suspended evenly above your sleeping space. There are 4 interior yellow loops inside the netting to hang your lightweight gear, 2 larger yellow loops inside and at each end of the hammock to secure heavier gear and 4 functional pockets at either end of the hammock for additional storage. The zipper extends almost the entire length of the SBBF to make it easy sit or lay in the hammock with the netting folded open. The SBBF is made from strong and durable ripstop material which is reinforced with webbing on the structural seams. Weighing in at only 815 grams / 28.8 oz and complete with 250 cm / 100” of built in climbing rope suspension on each end, the Sky Bed Bug Free is the most comfortable, the most insulated and the most bed like insect free camping hammock in the world.

Note: Inflatable Pad Is Not Included With The Sky Bed Bug Free.


  • PATENTED SLEEP FLAT DESIGN - fully patented unique asymmetrical design allows for an amazingly flat & comfortable sleeping space
  • INSULATED  - integrated sleeve for designed to fit your 183 cm x 51 cm / 72" x 20" inflatable pad keeps insulation directly below you
  • BUG FREE - 2100 holes per square inch no-see-um netting keeps out gnats, fleas, sand flies & mosquitoes
  • NET SUPPORT - 250 cm / 100" per side cord keeps net above you
  • YKK ZIPPERS - double pull inside / outside zippers for easy access
  • RIP STOP MATERIAL  - super strong & durable ripstop construction
  • SUSPENSION INCLUDED - 250 cm / 100" per side of super durable climbing rope 
  • STRENGTH TESTED - 160 kilos  /  350 lbs
  • DIMENSIONS:  318 cm x 135 cm / 125" x 53"
  • WEIGHT:  815 grams  /  28.8 oz



This hammock is pretty awesome. Its the closest thing to sleeping in your own bed at home I have ever found.   I love that it incorporates a bug net and a diagonal pad insert section.  With the addition of my air mattress it is the coziest thing I have ever slept in outside!    Amy C

I've tried many different hammocks, searching for the perfect backpacking hammock to use in the mountains near where I live. The asymmetrical design with the built-in sleeve for a sleeping pad makes this hammock more comfortable than other more expensive hammocks.  Its comfort and affordability make it hard to beat.  The combination of the asymmetrical cut with the pad essentially eliminates the uncomfortable calf / knee pressure line, and a good pad eliminates the need for an under blanket. Love it!    Christopher C

This hammock is high quality.  The fabric is solid. It has a nice fabric compartment to slide your sleeping pad with a boxed bottom in so it does not wiggle out of place at night.  SO many pockets in the inside!!  I have owned many other hammock brands and this is quality folks. Tomlin S

I think the Sky Bed Bug Free Hammock by far is one of the absolute best hammocks on the market, if not the best. I truly appreciate the fantastic construction and thought put into the design of this hammock.  Buy this hammock - it's worth it!    Mike F

I wasn’t sure about this but now I’m sold.  The no-see-um netting is great.  Overall it is surprisingly comfortable and incredibly easy to set up, even the first time.     Sparky

I love this hammock. The sleeve for a sleeping pad helps me get a flat lay and keeps me warm. There are inside pockets for glasses, a book / phone and a water bottle.  I use the outside attached attached bag for my shoes.    Prairie E

I got this hammock because of the pad sleeve.  It is also more comfortable (and lighter) than my other hammocks.  It's been a couple of years now and I still love the Hammock Bliss Sky Bed Bug Free.    Christopher C

Great hammock. Love how it has the built in bug net and sleeve for a sleeping pad. Sleeve allows for the pad to stay in place and at the proper angle. I’d buy this hammock 10 times over.  It’s worth every penny.    Brian


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