5 Inflatable Pads To Use With Hammock Bliss - Sky Bed / Sky Bed Bug Free (SBBF)

When sleeping in the Sky Bed or Sky Bed Bug Free (SBBF), it is the inflatable pad that creates the rigidity that allows the asymmetrical sleeping surface to be so flat. An inflatable pad secured in the silver sleeve also provides insulation directly below you that never moves which means you can sleep comfortably in colder situations without having to use an under quilt. There are heaps of pads on the market of any number of sizes and specs but the Sky Beds require a pad with very specific dimensions. The best inflatable pads to use with the Sky Beds should fit the silver sleeve precisely so the pad needs to be 183 x 51 cm or 72” x 20”. You should note that a pad wider than 51 cm / 20” will not fit properly in the silver sleeve so these pad are not suitable. You can use a pad that is shorter than 183 cm / 72” and a shorter pad will work so long as the width is correct. However to maximize the flatness which is a key feature of the Sky Beds you should use a pad that fills the silver sleeve precisely. The silver sleeve of the Sky Beds can accommodate a pad of ANY thickness as that dimension is flexible. So don’t worry that your pad is too thick as even the thickest pad on the market will fit. The 5 pads featured here are all available as of January 2020 and all of them feature the proper width and length. The higher the R Value the better the insulation. Some pads have both an insulated version with a higher R value and and a non-insulated version with a lower R Value. Weight of course is always a consideration and when hammock camping. You usually pay more for a pad that is relatively lighter in weight. The pads considered here range from 370 to 624 grams with R Values ranging from 1 to 4.4. All of the prices listed are from the manufacturer’s own website so this price can be considered the maximum price. Prices are listed in USD as most of these companies are based in the USA. You almost always can find a less expensive price than these manufacturer prices by shopping online. Don't think there is just one solution when looking for your perfect pad. Instead there are simply trade offs between insulation, weight, construction, materials and price. This list is not meant to be definitive as there are many other suitable inflatable pads on the market. These 5 options are simply a good starting point. If you find or use an inflatable pad with your Sky Bed not on this list be sure to let us know so we can update this list in the future – just send us a message at relax@hammockbliss.com

Big Agnes
Insulated Q Core SLX
Neoair Trekker
Insulated V Ultralight
Nemo Tensor 
Ultralight Regular Non Insulated
R Value 3.4 3 4.4 1 1.6
Weight 510 grams 540 grams 454 grams 624 grams 370 grams
Price USD $149.95 USD $129.95 USD $119.95 USD $69.99 USD $129.95
Website bigagnes.com thermarest.com klymit.com alpsbrands.com nemoequipment.com









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