About Us

Hammock Bliss is a family business.  Our world headquarters are in Sydney, Australia.  Dov Frazer is our Chief Relaxation Officer.  Roslin Falk Frazer is our Bliss Assurance Director and Benjamin Falk Frazer is our Creative Director. We have been in business for over 30 years. We have designed all of our hammocks and accessories and are constantly seeking to upgrade and improve our hammocks to give you the most blissful experience possible. We pride ourselves in using the highest quality materials and offering excellent customer service.


Dov Frazer

Roslin Falk Frazer

Australia Landline  -  02 7201-9656‬

WhatsApp  -  +61402450222

US Landline  -  +1 520 577-7779

Email - relax@hammockbliss.com