Where is Hammock Bliss based?

Hammock Bliss World Headquarters is in Sydney, Australia.  All Australian orders are shipped from Sydney, Australia.   Our USA fulfillment center is in Tucson, Arizona and all orders for US, Canada & Europe are shipped from Tucson, Arizona.

Tell me about the people behind Hammock Bliss?

Hammock Bliss is a family business.  Dov Frazer is our Chief Relaxation Officer.  Roslin Falk Frazer is our Bliss Assurance Director and Benjamin Falk Frazer is our Creative Director. We have been in business for over 30 years. We have designed all of our hammocks and accessories and are constantly seeking to upgrade and improve our hammocks to give you the most blissful experience possible. We pride ourselves in using the highest quality materials and offering excellent customer service.

Can I purchase any of your products wholesale?

Yes we wholesale all of the items on the site. If you would like to order our Hammock Bliss hammocks and hammock accessories for your store or business please contact us for wholesale pricing. Our minimum orders for wholesale are very reasonable and we would be happy to have your as one of our wholesale customers.

How do the Sky Kid, Ultralight, Single, Double and Triple Hammocks compare?

All of our hammocks are made using high strength parachute material and come complete with heavy duty 6mm climbing rope on each side. The ultralight hammocks come with 2 meters of rope per side while the single, double & triple hammocks come with 2.5 meters of rope per side. The only other difference between these models is the size and weight.

The sky kid hammock is 125 cm wide x 190 cm long and weighs 277 grams.    The ultralight hammock is 140 cm wide x 240 cm long and weighs 380 grams.
The single hammock is 150 cm wide x 300 cm long and weighs 485 grams.
The double hammock is 200 cm wide x 300 cm long and weighs 620 grams.
The triple hammock is 250 cm wide x 300 cm long and weighs 715 grams.

Can I Use A Hammock Stand with Hammock Bliss Hammocks?

Yes. If you already have a hammock stand then check to see if you have 3 meters between the attachment points. So long as you have at least 3 meters then your Hammock Bliss hammock should work great. Our Double and Triple size hammocks work best and are the most comfortable when hung from a frame or hammock stand.

Can I Use The Net Cocoon, All Purpose Shelter or XL Rain Fly With Any Hammock?

Our Net Cocoon, Waterproof Shelter & XL Rain Fly are optimized to be used with any of our hammocks. These accessories also can work with hammocks from other companies but be aware these items are optimized to be used with a hammock 3 meters in length or less.

Can I Use The Sky Bed with the Net Cocoon or the Sky Tent 2?

Yes the Sky Bed works perfectly with the Net Cocoon. The Sky Bed also works great inside the Sky Tent 2. You can use two separate Sky Beds inside the Sky Tent 2 as well, one stacked above the other.

What is the difference between the No-See-Um No More and Sky Bed Bug Free?

The netting on both hammocks is no-see-um mesh with 2000 holes psi. The No-See-Um No More hammock is made from parachute nylon and features a unrestricted bed space of 150 cm by 300 cm. The No-See-Um No More hammock is reversible. When flipped the netting lays below the parachute nylon and it can be used as a conventional non netted hammock. The Sky Bed Bug Free is made of ripstop nylon and is built in panels in an asymetrical shape. Sky Bed Bug Free features a dedicated silver sleeve made of parachute nylon for an inflatable pad. When used with an inflatable pad this hammock offers a flatter lie and provides the user with extra cushioning & insulation. The functional sleeping space of the Sky Bed Bug Free is defined by the length of the pad which is 183 cm x 51cm ( 72” x  20”)  though there is extra space on either side of the silver sleeve. Most people 190 cm in height or less will be comfortable in this hammock. The Sky Bed Bug free is not reversible. It can be used without an inflatable pad and it is perfectly OK to do so. However the Sky Bed Bug Free is designed to be use with an inflatable pad and shows off its features best when used with an inflatable pad.

Can I Use Any Hammock Inside the Sky Tent 2?

The Sky Tent 2 is optimized for use with a 3 meter long hammock. Due to the fact that the Ultralight hammock is only 140 cm long with 2 meters of rope on each side we do not recommend using this hammock inside the Sky Tent 2. We also would not recommend using the No See Um No More Hammock or Sky Bed Bug Free hammock inside the Sky Tent 2 as the netting on these hammock is not necessary inside the Sky Tent 2 which has its own netting. We do recommend using Hammock Bliss Single, Hammock Bliss Double, Hammock Bliss Triple or Hammock Bliss Sky Bed inside the Sky Tent 2. Two hammocks in any combination can be hung inside the Sky Tent 2 bunk bed style or one over the other. The heavier person should alway be in the lower hammock.

How High Should I Hang My Hammock?

For safety sake, we do not recommend hanging your hammock more than 46 cm above the ground. Once you set up your hammock, make sure all of your knots are secure and test your set-up carefully. Once you see how far your hammock sags towards the ground with your body weight inside, readjust so you are hanging no more than 46 cm above ground level.

How Long Will My Hammock & Tree Straps Last?

The nylon parachute material that we use to construct most of our hammocks is very strong and can last many years so long as you avoid puncturing the material with sharp or studded objects, avoid burning it with fire or exposing for long time periods to the sun. However all material is subject to wear and tear. You should always carefully inspect your hammock before each use to make sure it is not faded, torn or ripped from previous use. Our tree straps are constructed with quality nylon webbing and will also last many years. However tree straps are also subject to wear and tear, especially as they are often in contact with the abrasive bark of trees. You should always carefully inspect your tree straps before each use to make sure they are not torn, ripped or damaged. You should always carefully test your hammock set-up hanging no more than 46 cm above the ground and make sure your hammock and tree strap materials are in proper condition before you settle in to relax.