Tandem Bliss
Tandem Bliss
Tandem Bliss
Tandem Bliss
Tandem Bliss

Tandem Bliss

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Hammock Bliss Tandem is the first hammock in the world to solve the problem of two people sleeping in a hammock together comfortably. The Tandem provides two separate single size hammocks which are attached together in the center. It can also be used solo, just wrap one of the two hammocks under the other to create a double layer hammock. The lower hammock can act as a lower shelf to hold an inflatable pad, multi cell thermal pad or an under quilt for extra insulation.


  • 1 FOR 2 - 1 hammock with 2 sleeping spaces - hang together side by side in comfort
  • SOLO DOUBLE LAYER - use solo as a double layer hammock
  • PAD HOLDER - in solo set up use lower hammock to hold inflatable pad
  • NYLON PARACHUTE MATERIAL - soft, breathable, strong & quick drying
  • SUSPENSION INCLUDED - 250 cm / 100" per side of super durable climbing rope on each of the two hammocks
  • STRENGTH TESTED - 160 kilos  /  350 lbs for each of 2 hammocks
  • DIMENSIONS:  Each of 2 spaces are 270 cm x 150 cm / 106 "x 59"
  • WEIGHT:  835 grams  /  29.5 oz

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