Extra Long Tree Straps
Extra Long Tree Straps
Extra Long Tree Straps
Extra Long Tree Straps

Extra Long Tree Straps

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Extra Long Tree Straps make it even easier to set up Hammock Bliss anywhere. XL Tree Straps are an extra long tree friendly suspension system, which extends the reach of the  6mm climbing rope already included on each side of all Hammock Bliss hammocks. XL Straps protect the tender bark of trees by evenly distributing the weight over a wider area while also protecting both the rope and the tree from abrasion. When hanging your hammock from a smooth surface such as a pole or post, tree straps act as a tension belt to prevent slippage. XL Tree Straps are completely adjustable and are ideal for quick set up and fast take down of your hammock. 

NOTE - Extra Long Tree Straps come as set of 2 Straps.


    • DURABLE MATERIAL  -  non stretch polypropylene webbing means you can hang out in your hammock with confidence
    • EASY SET UP - wrap one end around a tree and pull through opposite loop or wrap straps around tree once and use both loops to secure your hammock.
      • TREE FRIENDLY - wide 4 cm webbing protects both the tree and your rope from abrasion and evenly distributes your weight over a wider area
      • PACKS SMALL - fits into a compact travel bag - 12 cm x 8 cm  /  5" x 3.2" carry bag
          • SIZE MATERS  - long length perfect for larger size trees
          • SAFETY FIRST - Safely holds 182 kg / 400 lbs per strap
            • DIMENSIONS:  254 cm x 4 cm  /  100" x 1.5"
            • WEIGHT:  145 grams / 5 oz

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