Red Carabiner - 25 kN
Red Carabiner - 25 kN
Red Carabiner - 25 kN

Red Carabiner - 25 kN

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Carabiners allow for easy home set up as you never need to retie when hanging your hammock from the same points. These high quality aluminum red carabiners are made by Mad Rock and are rated to 5620 pounds or 25 kN on the major axis and 1798 pounds or 8 kN on the minor axis and open gate. The gate opening is .9 inch or 22 mm and these weigh only 1.13 oz or 32 grams! Please Note - these carabiners are sold individually one by one.  The red carbiner is perfectly suitable for rock climbing.


  • MADE FOR ROCK CLIMBING - This carabiner is made by Mad Rock and is ideal for rock climbers
  • GREAT FOR HAMMOCKING - use with your tree straps for easy clip on / clip off hammock suspension
  • CLIP ON AND CLIP OFF - use carabiner on one side of your hammock to easily clip on and clip off
  • STRENGTH - Breaking Strength Major Axis - 5620 lbs or 25 kN
  • DIMENSIONS - 92 mm x 54 mm /  3.6" x 2.1
  • WEIGHT -  32 grams  /  1.13 oz

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