Sleep Sack

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The Sleep Sack is essential whether you are camping in the great outdoors or braving the world of paid accommodation. Travelers will find the sleep sack indispensable in hostels and adventure hotels, protecting them from questionable bedding. People who travel for business will discover the sleep sack to be great for keeping the harsh chemicals often used to launder hotel sheets off of their skin. The travel bag at the top of the sleep sack doubles as a pillowcase which is the perfect size for a small travel pillow. The travel bag is attached to the sleep sack so it is impossible to lose.  Take the Sleep Sack wherever you go - your dreams will be blissfully sweet.


  • PERFECT FOR TRAVELERS - if you are staying In a hotel or hostel the sleep sack is great as a your personal sleeping sheet -
  • GREAT FOR CAMPING - when camping the sleep sack keeps your sleeping bag clean while adding extra warmth and comfort
  • PROTECTION FROM CHEMICALS - protects your skin from questionable bedding and from harsh chemicals used to launder sheets
  • TRAVEL PILLOW + PILLOW CASE - when stuffed in its attached travel bag, the sleep sack can be used as a comfy travel pillow on planes, trains or buses. When you use the sleep sack in bed, the attached travel bag makes for an ideal pillowcase
  • QUALITY MATERIAL - soft and comfortable parachute nylon is as soft as silk but much more durable.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE & DRYABLE - the more you wash the sleep sack the softer it gets
  • DIMENSIONS:  203 cm x 97 cm  /  80 "x 38"
  • WEIGHT:   310 grams  /  11 oz

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