5 Aussie Inflatable Pads For Sky Bed / Sky Bed Bug Free from Sea To Summit Australia

5 Aussie Inflatable Pads For Sky Bed / Sky Bed Bug Free from Sea To Summit Australia


Which inflatable pad is the best one to use with the Sky Bed and Sky Bed Bug Free (SBBF)?

We already wrote a blog post about 5 great inflatable pads to use with both Sky Beds but all of these pads are made by companies based in the USA.

But what if you live in Australia and want to buy an Aussie pad?

Australian customers are lucky to have a local manufacturer of inflatable pads that offers 5 different workable options. This company is Sea To Summit based in Perth.

The Sky Beds feature a sliver sleeve that has a fixed width so the inflatable pad needs to be 51 cm wide.  The ideal length of your inflatable pad is 183 cm. Shorter pads which are 3/4 length will also work but are not ideal. The silver sleeve of the Sky Beds can accommodate a pad of ANY thickness which means you can choose a pad of any depth or height.

As you can see from the table below there are many options in terms of the R value (insulation), thickness or depth which relates to the comfort, weight and price.  There is no perfect pad.  It all depends on what is important to you and the trade offs between comfort, weight, insulation and price.  

Any of the 5 pads from Sea to Summit will work perfectly with the Sky Bed & SBBF. It all depends on what feature or features is the most important to you personally

With their fully patented asymmetric design, the Sky Beds provides a flat and comfortable relaxation space.  

A properly fitting Inflatable pad will maximize the flatness which is a key feature of the Sky Beds.  The higher the R Value of your pad, the more insulation the inflatable pad provides.

Using your inflatable pad in the Sky Beds provide BOTH thermal insulation and defines the flat sleeping surface. 

All of the prices listed here are from the Sea To Summit website and are accurate as of October 2021.  All prices are in Australian dollars. 

This list is not meant to be definitive as there are many other suitable inflatable pads on the market in Australia.  These 5 options are simply a good starting point for Australian customers as Sea to Summit products are widely distributed around Australia.  You can find all 5 pads at seatosummit.com

Note some customers ask if that can use a non inflatable insulating mat in their Sky Beds.  The answer is no.  A non inflating mat will provide insulation but will not create the rigidity which allows for the bed like flat sleeping space.  Stick with inflatable pads for the best results.

If you find or use an Aussie inflatable pad that you use with your Sky Bed or SBB not on this list be sure to let us know so we can update this list in the future – just send us a message at relax@hammockbliss.com


Camp Plus Self Inflating Regular
Camp Self Inflating Regular
Comfort Plus Self Inflating Regular
Comfort Light Self Inflating Regular
Ultralight Self Inflating Regular
R Value 4.3 4.2 4.1 3.1 2.6
Weight 880 grams 780 grams 970 grams 650 grams 550 grams
Height 7.5 cm 3.8 cm 8 cm 5 cm 2.5 cm
Price AUD $149.95 AUD $119.95 AUD $219.95 AUD 219.95 AUD $129.95
Sea to Summit inflatable pads for Sky Bed & Sky Bed Bug Free

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