Green Carabiner - 5 kN

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Carabiners are a great addition to your hammocking arsenal. These new carabiners have been made specifically for hammocking. Clip your carabiner to your tree straps then tie the hammock rope to your carabiner – set up and take down becomes a breeze. Carabiners allow for easy home set up as you never need to retie when hanging your hammock from the same points.

Note - The green carabiner is NOT suitable for rock climbing.


    • MADE FOR HAMMOCKING - This carabiner is made by Mad Rock and is perfect for hammocking
    • GREAT WITH TREE STRAPS  - use with your tree straps for easy clip on / clip off hammock suspension
    • CLIP ON & CLIP OFF - use carabiner on one side of your hammock to make set up and take down a cinch
    • STRENGTH - breaking strength major axis - 1100 lbs or 5 kN
    • SIZE - gate opening 22 mm / .9"
    • DIMENSIONS - 80 mm x 48 mm  /  3.15" x 1.89"
    • WEIGHT - 21 grams  /  0.74 oz

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