Sky Baby 2

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Hammock Bliss Sky Baby 2 creates a all new way for putting your baby to sleep by creating a hanging platform inside a crib.  Being in a hammock mimics the only experience babies have ever known - being in their mother's womb. Laying in their Sky Baby 2 hammock your infant will feel safe, secure with plenty of extra space.  The comfy platform created by Sky Baby 2  helps baby to sleep fast which will makes mommy and daddy happy as well. The Sky Baby hammock is the perfect size to hang inside a crib or travel cot.  Using the ropes provided on the four corners of the hammock, the Sky Baby 2 can be securely attached to a crib or cot so your baby is relaxing just above its normal sleeping space. 






      • THE IDEAL SOLUTION FOR PUTTING BABY TO SLEEP  - Hang Sky Baby 2  Hammock Inside A Crib Or Travel Cot To Make A Comfy Hanging Platform
      • READY FOR NAPPING -The Perfect Size Sleeping Space  - Baby Can Lay Either Long Way Or Across The Sky Baby 2 Hammock - Flexible Platform Created By Sky Baby 2 Helps Baby Fall Asleep
      • DOUBLE LAYERS - DOUBLE COLORS - Sky Baby Constructed Of Two Layers Of Soft, Strong, Breathable And Cozy Nylon Parachute Material - One Side Is Turquoise And The Other Side Is White
      • EASY TO HANG - Sky Baby Hammock Includes On Each Of The Four Corners 125 cm / 49"  Of Super Strong Climbing Rope - Rope Makes It Easy To Set Up Sky Baby 2 Inside Most Any Crib Or Travel Cot
      • STRENGTH TESTED - 45 kilos  / 100 lbs 
      • DIMENSIONS:  127 cm x 70 cm  /  50 "x 27.5
      • WEIGHT:  235 grams  /  8.3 oz

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