Double Bliss

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You like to cuddle, right? Who doesn't!

Whether you want more space for yourself or feel like inviting your +1, the Double Bliss has more than enough material to kick back in any direction. With 2.5 meters of of climbing rope on both sides, the Double Bliss packs easily into its attached stuff-sack, ready for easy setup in any location.

What are you waiting for? Lets hang


  • EXTRA WIDE - Hang either long ways or across with plenty of room to spare
  • DOUBLE FUN - Great for sharing with your favorite friend
  • NYLON PARACHUTE MATERIAL - soft, breathable, strong & quick drying
  • SUSPENSION INCLUDED - 250 cm / 100" per side of super durable climbing rope 
  • STRENGTH TESTED - 160 kilos  /  350 lbs
  • DIMENSIONS:  300 cm x 200 cm / 118 "x 80"
  • WEIGHT:  620 grams  /  22 oz


This is my third Hammock Bliss hammock and I still love your product. I have many years of good memories built swaying in the comfort of a Double Bliss. Congratulations on continuing fine customer service and for helping so many enjoy hammock life.

Steve R - Alexandria, VA

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